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European tour - Feb 1 - 21, 2023

Tour 2023
1/02/2023	Wednesday			
2/02/2023	Thursday			
3/02/2023	Friday	Cowboy Trash Scum Island- Denmark- Albertslund
4/02/2023	Saturday	The Garage- Sweden- Hoganas
5/02/2023	Sunday	Venue TBA - Sweden - Udevalla 
6/02/2023	Monday	medley - Sweden - Malmo
7/02/2023	Tuesday	
8/02/2023	Wednesday	Kofferfabrik - Germany - Fürth
9/02/2023	Thursday	
10/02/2023	Friday	July's - Germany - Wilhelmshaven
11/02/2023	Saturday	De Harmonie- The Netherlands - Edam
12/02/2023	Sunday	Lokaal 42	- The Netherlands - Helmond
13/02/2023	Monday			
14/02/2023	Tuesday			
15/02/2023	Wednesday Roots In Het roen - The Netherlands - Geldrop
16/02/2023	Thursday	Bed´n Blues Living Room - Belgium - Halen
17/02/2023	Friday	De Wildeman - Belgium - Herent
18/02/2023	Saturday			
19/02/2023	Sunday		
20/02/2023	Monday			
21/02/2023	Tuesday			

Tour 2022 = postponed to 2023
2/02/2022 Wednesday Roots In Het Groen The Netherlands Geldrop
3/02/2022 Thursday Germany/Denmark TBA
4/02/2022 Friday Cowboy Trash Scum Island Denmark Albertslund
5/02/2022 Saturday Uddevallakassetten Sweden Udevalla
6/02/2022 Sunday Holy Moly Sweden Goteborg
7/02/2022 Monday medley Sweden Malmo
8/02/2022 Tuesday Music-Star Germany Norderstedt
9/02/2022 Wednesday Kofferfabrik Germany Fürth
10/02/2022 Thursday Café België The Netherlands Almelo: canceled
11/02/2022 Friday July's Germany Wilhelmshaven
12/02/2022 Saturday De Harmonie The Netherlands Edam
13/02/2022 Sunday Lokaal 42 The Netherlands Helmond
16/02/2022 Wednesday Café Roots The Netherlands Berghem
17/02/2022 Thursday Blues 'N Bed Living Room Belgium Halen
18/02/2022 Friday De Wildeman Belgium Herent
19/02/2022 Saturday Rekolan Cino Finland Hesinki/Vantaa: canceled
20/02/2022 Sunday Suori Koskibaari Finland Suori: canceled
21/02/2022 Monday Juttutupa Finland Helsinki: canceled
22/02/2022 Tuesday Roots Tuesday at Storyville Finland Helsinki: canceled


Photo Credit: Karman Kruschke

Ted Russell Kamp is an LA-based singer/songwriter, producer and Grammy winning bass player. Ted writes, records and travels the world performing his own country / roots / Americana music from his eleven critically-acclaimed albums. Ted also plays live, records sessions, and collaborates on songs with A-list songwriters and musicians in L.A., Nashville, Austin and around the world. Ted often works out of his home studio — The Den — and has produced several well-received albums for fellow artists there. Ted has also had the honor of being a friend, collaborator and member of Shooter Jennings’ band for most of the last 15 years. Ted also played on the 2020 Grammy winning Country Album of the Year, Tanya Tucker’s While I’m Living.


Down In The Den cover

Down in the Den marks Ted’s 12th record as the artist and frontman and it’s a 14-song record featuring Ted’s bass playing, singing and producing. Some familiar names in the Americana genre add their talents and voices …

Seeking Comfort In Soulful New Music During These Hard Times

Solitaire is Kamp’s 13th full album release. It consists of 14 songs recorded mostly alone at home during the last 9 months of the lockdown. The songs and overall feel of the album have a more intimate and singer-songwriter quality. Kamp wanted them to sound more like solo performances, but with some extra spice added, reflecting the loneliness of being at home in quarantine: isolated from friends and the chance to play live. “I think it echoes what a lot of us have been going through this year; the loneliness and doubt as well as the day dreaming and not wanting to give up. I wanted to put these songs out there because we have all been going through similar things.”

review AltCountryForum.nl

Lonesome Highway (IRL)
Kamp is an artist that seldom attempts to reinvent himself, instead sticking to the template that works for him. He’s done exactly that with DOWN IN THE DEN once more, with flying colours. (Declan Culliton)
Alt Country (NL)
Kamp is er goed in geslaagd er een mooi samenhangend geheel van te maken. Veel lekkere groovende songs, maar het hoogtepunt is toch Rainy Day Valentine, waarop Kamp zich zelf begeleidt op een bas (zijn hoofdinstrument) en verder niks. Prachtig! (Hogo Vogel)
PlanetCountry (ITA)
Down In The Den is an album that sanctions the now definitive maturation and confirmation of Ted Russell Kamp in the panorama of the roots music. (Gian Luca Sitta)
TwangriLa (US)
Ultimately, the album’s closing track is Kamp’s hope that listeners will take pieces of the album with them moving forward. I certainly will! (Mae Hunt)
Dirty ROCK (ESP)
Uno de los mejores discos de este 2020. (Carlos Pérez Báez)
ALT Country Forum (NL)
Met een rits aan klasbakken uit zijn vriendenkring in zijn thuisstudio ‘The Den’, waar de albumtitel naar verwijst, trakteert hij ons op een zorgvuldig geconstrueerd paradijs aan smaakvolle en goed doordachte liedjes. (Johan Schoenmakers) 
BluesTownMusic (NL)
Down In The Den’ is een prachtplaat. (Gerrit Schinkel)
Hooked On Music (DE)
Unter dem berühmtem Strich ist "Down In The Den" ein sehr abwechslungsreiches, breit gefächertes Album, das viele Americana affine Hörer verdient hat. (Michael Masuch)
RootsVille (BE)
Ted Russell Kamp is geen bluesman of countrymuzikant of een klassieke singer-songwriter met een akoestische gitaar. Hij is een combinatie van allemaal. (Freddy Vandervelpen)
Rootstime.be (BE)
Wij kijken alvast uit naar zijn aangekondigde optredens in Europa in februari 2022, maar tot dan zullen we vooral blijven genieten van deze veertien alweer uitstekende tracks op het nieuwe album “Solitaire”.

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