European tour Summer 2020

IMG_20181019_095525_753Shotgun Sawyer is a three-piece Blues and Rock n’ Roll band from the small town of Auburn, California. Growing up in the woods and down on the river, Dylan Jarman (vox, guitars), Brett Sanders (bass), and David Lee (drums) absorbed deep, Americana roots since their childhood. Growing up listening to Rock n’ Roll bands like Led Zeppelin, CCR, and the Allman Brothers and expanding out into the Delta Blues of Son House, Elmore James, and Howlin’ Wolf, Shotgun Sawyer combines all these influences and more into a raw, authentic, and explosive performance, night after night.

Recently signed to US Hard Rock Record Label “Ripple Music,” Shotgun Sawyer has released two records to date: their riotous debut “Thunderchief” in 2016, and their most recent “Bury The Hatchet” in 2019. Having constantly toured the US West Coast since 2015 and the European continent in 2018, Shotgun Sawyer are excited to team up again with Rootstown Booking for a return to the EU in 2020.

In 2018, Shotgun Sawyer took an enormous leap and crossed the Atlantic, touring the European continent for over a month. Playing sold-out festivals like Sjock Fest and Pirate Farm and late-night bar shows in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and Poland, the experience proved to act as a total sea change as to the scope and ambition of the entire group. Returning home, they signed a record deal with the legendary West Coast underground hard-rock label Ripple Music as to the release of their next studio works.

IMG_20190226_082225_416The 2019 release of Shotgun Sawyer’s 2nd full-length album “Bury The Hatchet” has been the band’s greatest success yet. With raving reviews from The Doom Charts to Decibel, the record has enjoyed wide circulation and a significant buzz.

Brett (The Butcher) Sanders – Bass Guitar
Dylan Jarman – Vocals and Electric Guitar
David Lee – Percussion and Beard

“…like a marriage between Cream and the James Gang with some Blackfoot added in.” – Phil King, Audiofuzz
“…comes from backroads burning through a desert landscape; something any Led Zeppelin fan can appreciate.” – Andrew Duncan, Selective Memory
“…will have you dancing in your spurs like a Wolfmother track gone south.” – R Brunette, Bucket List
“…will no doubt get comparisons to bands such as the White Stripes and Black Keys” – John Phillips, Submerge Magazine
“…the real deal, guaranteed to punch you in the soul and eardrum as they tread on similar ground to Queens of the Stone Age” – Matt Simon, Ear to the Ground



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