June 2018

Summer is coming closer and we are for sure enjoying the sunny Spring weather.. Pirate farm festival & Roots In Het Park are getting scheduled and will have the attention they deserve at social media & international press, so we’re looking forward to meet y’all on any of these 2 events we strongly support as being one of their sponsors.

We are proud to announce we will have our first BUSKERFESTIVAL on September 9th, 2018  and we will again be hosting Roots In De Herfst, November 24th, 2018 in Aarschot, Belgium. More info on these 2 events will follow soon.

In a few days we will hit the road again with a lot of amazing artist, touring all over Europe.

At this moment James Hunnicutt & Philip Bradatsch, The Hooten Hallers, The Freeborn Brothers & Matt Woods & the Natural Disasters (usa) are touring Europe and they are having a great time.

We also took our time to listen to all the great bands who sent us their music and info. We already know 2019 will be a blast. 

We are happy to announce we added The Harmed Brothers to our roster. This amazing Americana, folk rock, indiegrass band is scheduled for Spring/Summer 2019.

Meanwhile J. Aubertin (FR) is getting booked.

And we have some great news for fans of some real rocking garage-billy as we will be the European booking agent for Screamin’ Rebel Angels (US). This New York outfit will be rocking your stages in November 2018.

2019 tours are getting in the pipelines, more news about the bands/musicians we’ll be getting on the EU-roads will follow soon.

Further in 2018 Steering Ships With Empty Bottles will be rocking Europe for their 3rd EU headlining tour. Hopeless Jack is touring again, for the 3rd time already and their good friends in Shotgun Sawyer are ready to fly over for their first EU tour ever.

Cowboy Bob & Trailer Trash are preparing weekenders all over Benelux to promote their new songs. YAZAN (US) is ready to rock Europe in July 2018. 

Jo Carley & the Old Dry Skulls mainland tour is booking fast and we’re happy to have Andrew Ellis on the road again in Summer 2018.

Heathen Apostles, Gothic Americana/Country featuring Mather Louth, Chopper Franklin (The Cramps), Thomas Lorioux (The Kings of Nuthin’) & Luis Mascaro, will be touring August 2018 and are proud to rock WACKEN OPEN AIR and some more great festivals.

The Freeborn Brothers will be performing on a lot of great events and are available in Spring & Summer too. In October/November 2018 The Freeborn Brothers will be celebrating thir 5th anniversary with some heavy touring.

The Sextones, high desert soul from Reno Nevada, 1st EU tour is getting booked and we scheduled them in already for Spring 2019.

 Jesse Bardwell & the free union European will be on the EU roads this Fall. Jesse will be teamed up with Elliot Peck (Midnight North & the Phil Lesh & The Terrappin band), Grahame Lesh (son of Phil Lesh from The Grateful Dead) & Paul Figueroa. This tour will run in the 2nd part of October 2018. We only have 2 more dates available, so hurry up!

We are proud we teamed up with Screamin’ Rebel Angels (USA) again for their upcoming November 2018 tour. 

The first 2019 tours are getting scheduled; Serious Sam Barret (UK) will be touring mainland Europe in July 2019, Lou Shields (USA) will be on the road May/June, The Harmed Brothers are scheduled for Spring/Summer 2019, The Sextones will be touring March/April 2019 for the 2nd time and Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls will be touring mainland Europe again in 2019 too.

Bookings for all these tours are open.

Cheers, team Rootstown