European tour May 22 – Juli 1, 2018

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Missouri USA trio The Hooten Hallers are a high-energy blues, rock, and soul band known for hard-traveling and wild live shows, with a seemingly endless tour schedule. The myriad of influences in their music range from pre-war blues to punk rock to dark Americana, with a thematic penchant for the strange and the unexplained. In the same vein, the Hooten Hallers’ music isn’t quite Americana and it’s not quite punk, but a bit of both, fused together in a drunken tangle. 


The Hooten Hallers’ new self-titled album, out April 21, 2017 on Big Muddy Records, is the culmination of their experiences from 10 years of performing and traveling together.  They’ve injected their new album with the stories and characters they’ve been meeting on the road all this time. This combined with hometown pride is key to The Hooten Hallers’ ability to ride the line between DIY punk and American roots music. Produced by Johnny Walker (Soledad Brothers, All Seeing Eyes) and Kristo Baricevic (Big Muddy Records), the Hooten Hallers’ latest effort showcases their evolution as musicians and songwriters. 


John Randall’s demonically-tinged vocals and blues-inspired, manic guitar, and Andy Rehm’s screaming falsetto vocals and steady, pounding drum beat keep the band focused on their unique blend of deep blues and country punk. Kellie Everett brings the power with the deep rumble of her baritone and bass saxophones. When The Hooten Hallers come to town, you know it’s gonna be a party!


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‘Further from Shore’ Official Video

‘O, Jolene’ Official Video

‘Charla’ Live Acoustic

‘Knew You’d Come Around’ Live

‘Grinding up the Bones’ Live at Muddy Roots

May 22: Paris, FR. TBA*
May 23: Nevers, FR. La Tavern’
May 24: TBA*
May 25: Valencia, ES. TBD
May 26: Lleida, ES. TBD
May 27: Bilbao, Basque ES. Satélite T
May 29: Sevilla,ES. TBD
May 30: Estepona, ES. TBD
May 31: Madrid, ES. Fun House
June 1: Vitoria, ES. BarnOut
June 2: Zaragoza, ES. Las Armas
June 3: TBA*
June 5: Freiburg, DE. White Rabbit
June 6: Rosenheim, DE. Private Party
June 7: Sankt-Gallen, CH. Rümpeltum
June 8: Zurich, CH. Gotthard Bar
June 9: Viechtach, DE. Altes Spital
June 10: Riegsee, DE. Raut Oak Fest
June 11: TBA*
June 12: TBA*
June 13: TBA*
June 14: TBA*
June 15: Kladovo, RS. Border Rock Festival
June 16: Belgrade, RS. Bad Music Boogaloo
June 17: Novi Sad, RS. TBD
Jun 19: Szolnok, HU. Tiszavirág Fesztivál
June 21: Husum, DE. Speicher
June 22: Den Helder, NL. Rockcafé De Engel
June 23: Rotterdam, NL. Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
June 24: Helmond, NL. Lokaal42
June 25: LKW Badel Germany Badel
June 26: Strümpfe Germany Mannheim
June 27: TBA*
June 28: Haarlem, NL. Patronaat
June 29: Utrecht, NL. dB’s
June 30: Tielt-Winge, BE. Pirate Farm Fest
July 1: Liege, Belgium. Retropolitan(13:30)
July 1: Meppel, NL. Sunday Roots

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