The Freeborn Brothers 
European tour 2021 (events, clubs, festivals….)

Tourdates 2021

29/06/2021 Tuesday Tortuga Germany Unna
02/07/2021 Friday Carla's Cafe Sweden Degerhamn
10/07/2021 Saturday Private Party Germany
16/07/2021 Friday Wonkydonk Festival UK
21/07/2021 Wednesday Roots In Het Park Belgium Aarschot
23/07/2021 Friday Hafen 2 Germany Offenbach AM

Welcome to the world of Freeborn Brothers.
This is one of the liveliest bands on the scene at the moment, it’s a musical mayhem, a crazy rollercoaster of music and theatre that will leave you in a state of euphoria and exhaustion.
This band was formed in 2013 as duo by Nikodem Soszynski and Mateusz Plesniak in Rzeszow, Poland toured whole over Europe and South America to grow to three piece and after that to five piece band. Through those years band got their unique sound and energy which can not be replaced by any other live act on the planet earth now.
Starting from the very beginning Freeborn Brothers recorded and released four albums: Two Men Orchestra (2013), Gypsy Hobo Trash Grass (2014), Theatro Ridiculous (2016) and Instant Magic (2017) also they were part of line ups of festivals such as Colours of Ostrava (2016), Poborina Folk Festival(2018), Mighty Sounds Festival(2015), Cursus Music Festival (2019), Muddy Roots Europe Festival and many, many more.
Magical Experience
Freeborn’s shows are not just crazy, it’s a magical experience which holds crowd attention during whole concert. We can see there is not only musical act on the stage it’s also theatre which is getting close to some kind of religious celebration. All those things are really hard to describe and to put label on it, that’s why it’s highly recommended to see and hear it live. It’s like watching black and white movie but in colour, it’s like to watch silent movie but way to loud, it’s like a sweating on the arctic circle – ridiculously magic!Weird, wild and wonderful!


Astral Trails is name of upcoming album also Astral Trails is a story. Story of Mighty Rooster, Three Eyed Creature, King Faraful and their soldiers. This album and story will be released in October 2019. Together with this concept the band want to attract fans with slightly dierent music style with even more instruments like Turkish darbuka or Brazilian viola caipira. Story is thrilling, message is clear and music is mind blowing. Astral Trails experience is upon us.

Line up:
Niko Soszyński – vocal, banjo, drums
Mateusz Pleśniak – vocal, accordion, viola caipira
Krzysiek Pasieka – double bass, bass guitar, vocal
Arek Hawro – trumpet, vocal
Krzysztof Rakoczy – trombone, vocal
LIVE videos, recorded in 2020/2021:
OFFICIAL videos:

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