Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls (UK)

European tour March 20 – April 7, 2019
+ available for festivals and weekends

Tourdates 2019:

21/03/2019 Thursday Pallieter café Belgium Herselt
22/03/2019 Friday De Piek The Netherlands Vlissingen
23/03/2019 Saturday Cafe Nefast Belgium Bree
24/03/2019 Sunday De Wolwinkel Belgium Geel
25/03/2019 Monday Missy Sippy Belgium Gent
26/03/2019 Tuesday De Parel Van Zuilen The Netherlands Utrecht
27/03/2019 Wednesday Q Germany Marburg
28/03/2019 Thursday The Shakespeare Germany Herdecke
29/03/2019 Friday Altes Spital Germany Viechtach
30/03/2019 Saturday available
31/03/2019 Sunday LOkaal 42 The Netherlands Helmond
1/04/2019 Monday Day OFF
2/04/2019 Tuesday Marcos Pub Italy Livigno
3/04/2019 Wednesday Gotthard bar Switzerland Zurich
4/04/2019 Thursday Kraspek Myzik France Lyon
5/04/2019 Friday Voodoo Rhythm instore Switzerland Bern (afternoon)
+ evening is available
6/04/2019 Saturday Le Tavern’ France Nevers
7/04/2019 Sunday Lou’s Bar Belgium Liège

Imagine a British punk band playing a sleazy 1930’s New Orleans nightclub, armed only with acoustic instruments from 1890’s Tennessee and you are half way there!

Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls combine the voodoo rhythms of 1930’s ska, calypso and the blues with old timey vaudeville cabaret. Music that makes people wanna shake their bones!

Dedicated to the subversive, the world of Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls is dark, animated and unusual. Seeking to amuse and draw the audience into an underworld filled with wonder, the macabre and the imagination they combine elements of Vaudeville, Skiffle, early horror films, early ska, calypso, old-timey country, and the Blues. This trio play a unique hybrid of early 20th Century music infused with dark Cabaret.

The driving force is Tim’s One-man-band set-up with Kick-drum, hi-hat and guitar while Jo’s vocal delivery sounds like the leader of Satan’s own gospel choir. This is made even more bewitching as she switches from fiddle to mandolin to washboard. They are joined by James Le Huray on double bass and banjo.

Released in May 2017, the debut album ‘Them Old Bones’ was recorded at SPACE EKO EAST Studio in East London and produced by Alex McGowan (Tiger Lillies, Urban Voodoo Machine, Wilko Johnson, Son of Dave, Jim Jones).

So why title the album ‘Them Old Bones’? It’s because the songs sound old, maybe they have always been there, just waiting to be dug up and played by the right kind of weird musicians. It is the bones of the bands musical ancestors but with a modern vibe and a punk twist. The album is about Revenge, Witchcraft, Road Trips, Bad Omens, The Occult, Ancient Spells, Hardship, Protest, Dancing and having a good time along the way.

A band that lives to perform, Jo Carley & the Old Dry Skulls have been touring extensively up and down the UK and all across Europe at some of the best festivals and clubs on the circuit.

So how did all this start? They first met many moons ago when Tim’s band borrowed Jo’s drum kit at a gig in London. It was back in the 90’s and they were both playing in separate bands and involved in the underground metal and punk scenes. Years later Jo discovered the music of Bill Monroe and Alison Krauss, and began playing the mandolin and fiddle. She recruited husband Tim as her song writing partner with the intention of starting a Bluegrass/Country/Roots band but the devil had other ideas and so in 2014 ‘Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls’ was born.

The final word goes to Jo Carley herself, “We write the music that we ourselves want to hear”.

See you on the Road…


We are really pleased to announce that our new album ‘Shake Them Rattlin’ Bones’ will be out in early 2019 on our very own label Old Higue Records. It has been a year in the making and features nine tales that lure you between the cracks of reality and take you downtown to the underworld, where the hobos and down and outs are up to no good, jug bands hustle for change on poor man’s corner, zombies walk the night and the Voodoo Priestess rules all…

To coincide with the album release we are heading back on the road across the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France and the Netherlands in spring and summer 2019.


Recent Live Video:

Official Music Videos:

  • ‘Dance ‘til you’re Dead’
  • ‘Them Old Bones’
  • ‘Rags and Bones’
  • ‘Contemplate Your Moves’

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