Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls (UK)

Halloween tour: Nov 3 – 11, 2019
European tour March 26 – April 6 & April 28 – May 7, 2020
+ available for festivals and weekends

JCODS photo live

Tourdates 2019 & 2020

3/11/2019 Sunday De Mooie Molen Belgium Roeselare
4/11/2019 Monday Stamineeke Belgium Webbekom
5/11/2019 Tuesday The Shakespeare Germany Herdecke
6/11/2019 Wednesday Erbse Germany Dillenburg
7/11/2019 Thursday Cafe Vinyl Germany Wetzlar
8/11/2019 Friday TBA The Netherlands Groningen
9/11/2019 Saturday Pferdestall Germany Bremerhaven
10/11/2019 Sunday Misterioso Belgium Gent
11/11/2019 Monday TBA

26/03/2020 Thursday Duycker Americana The Netherlands Hoofddorp
27/03/2020 Friday
28/03/2020 Saturday Buchholz Saloon Germany Altlandsberg
29/03/2020 Sunday
30/03/2020 Monday
31/03/2020 Tuesday Tortuga Germany Unna
1/04/2020 Wednesday
2/04/2020 Thursday Grüner Pavillon Austria Dornbin
3/04/2020 Friday Altes Spital Germany Viechtach
4/04/2020 Saturday Pentagon Germany Leverkusen
5/04/2020 Sunday Lou’s Bar Belgium Liège
6/04/2020 Monday Pallieter Belgium Herselt

21/04/2020 Tuesday
22/04/2020 Wednesday
23/04/2020 Thursday TBA Italy
24/04/2020 Friday
25/04/2020 Saturday TBA Italy
26/04/2020 Sunday
27/04/2020 Monday
28/04/2020 Tuesday
29/04/2020 Wednesday
30/04/2020 Thursday Die Heile Welt Germany Münster
1/05/2020 Friday Alternative (Walli) Lübeck/ Maifest Germany Lubeck
2/05/2020 Saturday
3/05/2020 Sunday
4/05/2020 Monday
5/05/2020 Tuesday
6/05/2020 Wednesday Monkeys (support Hackensaw Boys) Germany Hamburg

Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls combine the voodoo rhythms of 1930’s ska, and the blues with old-timey vaudeville cabaret.  It’s music that makes people wanna shake their bones!

JCODS website photo 2019

Dedicated to the subversive, the world of Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls is dark, animated and unusual. Seeking to amuse and draw the audience into an underworld filled with wonder, the macabre and the imagination they combine elements of Vaudeville, Skiffle, early horror films, early ska, old-timey country, and the Blues. This trio plays a unique hybrid of early 20th Century music infused with dark Cabaret.

The driving force is Tim’s One-man-band set-up with Kick-drum, hi-hat and guitar while Jo’s vocal delivery sounds like the leader of Satan’s own gospel choir. This is made even more bewitching as she switches from fiddle to mandolin to washboard. They are joined by James Le Huray on double bass and banjo.

A band that lives to perform, Jo Carley & the Old Dry Skulls have been touring extensively up and down the UK and all across Europe at some of the best festivals and clubs on the circuit.

New album ‘Shake Them Rattlin’ Bones’ out May 2019 on CD and LP. Nine tales that lure you between the cracks of reality and take you downtown to the underworld, where the hobos and down and outs are up to no good, jug bands hustle for change on poor man’s corner, zombies walk the night and the Voodoo Priestess rules all…

For fans of C.W. Stoneking, The Tiger Lillies, The Dead Brothers, Wilmoth Houdini, and Wanda Jackson


Recent Live Videos:

Official Music Videos:

  • Get Down Low
  • ‘Dance ‘til you’re Dead’
  • ‘Them Old Bones’
  • ‘Rags and Bones’

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