J. Aubertin (FR)
European tour November 2019


6/11/2019 Wednesday Living room concert Belgium Gent (Wondelgem)
7/11/2019 Thursday Pallieter Belgium Herselt
8/11/2019 Friday GC De Wildeman Belgium Herent
9/11/2019 Saturday Opoe Sientje The Netherlands Nijmegen
10/11/2019 Sunday Checkpoint Charlie The Netherlands Amsterdam
11/11/2019 Monday Titanic Belgium Herenthout
12/11/2019 Tuesday DAY OFF
13/11/2019 Wednesday Moonshine Tattoo Parlour Belgium Herentals
14/11/2019 Thursday CC Het Gasthuis Belgium Aarschot
15/11/2019 Friday Rockcafe De Engel The Netherlands Den Helder
16/11/2019 Saturday The Moonshiners The Netherlands Kampen
17/11/2019 Sunday De Wolwinkel Belgium Geel

Pic J.Aubertin LOW RES

“Far from the excesses of decibels and disproportionate egos, this young songwriter installs an atmosphere dominated by melancholy.
He sings from Soul to toe, inspired by models of American folk music such as Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, Guy Clark, Hank Williams or Johnny Cash.
In 2017, he opened for Willy Tea Taylor in the US, and he now presents his first EP entitled “Bringers Of The Light”.
Impressively authentic, these six tracks were produced by Inaiah Lujan, a brilliant American songwriter met in Pueblo, Colorado.
No frills, this record was recorded in a single take, guitar and voice, confined in a small room.
J.Aubertin has kept the essential, his dark voice and a guitar in the service of simple melodies,
just enough to see the streets of Nashville or the steppes of Central Asia as soon as we close the eyes.
Pains, regrets, love and hope, this first EP is a real confession for J.Aubertin.”

Review of the EP Whispers In The Wind (to be released April 5, 2019), by Rootsville

Links :
Website: https://www.j-aubertin.com/
Bandcamp : https://j-aubertin.bandcamp.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/j.aubertinsongs/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/j.aubertinsongs/

“My Soul’s Home”

“Holy Forest”

“No Place To Fall (Townes Van Zandt cover)”

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