Low Down Dirty Roots & Roll
European tour June 6 – July 8, 2018

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HOPELESS JACK – A raucous and raw element of rock & roll grounded in the roots of soul and blues. The two piece drums and guitar duo out of Reno Nevada delivers a unique and explosive sound. The bands high energy stage show paired with real and heartfelt lyrics pulls audiences out of apathetic cell phone staring and brings them along for the ride. Blistering slide guitar and danceable rhythms get people moving.
Out of a background of country, blues and self-taught madness Hopeless Jack takes the shattered, dirty and discarded emotions of this life and builds them up with worn out tools, song by song. Influenced by greats such as; Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Hillstomp, Johnny Cash, Gun Club and the Gories
Originally performing as a one man band, Hopeless Jack’s Haunting vocals penetrate as Jack’s edgy lyrics tell a story of a damaged man searching through his brokenness for truth.

“I try to write songs that mean something, something believable, songs that are real. Passport stamps of love, loss and anger. I believe in Rock & Roll and that it saves people. When you hear the records, when you see me play, I want you to believe me. I am here to make believers.” – Hopeless Jack Beisel

Listen to the new album here:

Tour Summer 2018:
7/06/2018 Thursday Anziehbar Austria Dornbirn
8/06/2018 Friday Yvonne’s house Austria Lustenau
9/06/2018 Saturday Raut Oak Fest Germany Riegsee
10/06/2018 Sunday Bluesiana Austria Velden
11/06/2018 Monday Hausbar 13 Germany Tübingen
12/06/2018 Tuesday travelday to Kopenhagen
13/06/2018 Wednesday Mojo Blues Bar Denmark Kopenhagen
14/06/2018 Thursday Soens Folk Denmark Glosstrup
15/06/2018 Friday Bröken Fest Germany Hohenlockstedt
16/06/2018 Saturday Extra Blues bar Germany Bielefeld
17/06/2018 Sunday BarberQ 2018 The Netherlands Mierlo
18/06/2018 Monday day off
19/06/2018 Tuesday day off
20/06/2018 Wednesday Heile Welt Germany Münster
21/06/2018 Thursday Féte De La Musique Alte Brauerei Germany Annaberg/Buchholz
22/06/2018 Friday Pacific Parc The Netherlands Amsterdam
23/06/2018 Saturday Taveerne Tivoli The Netherlands Raalte
24/06/2018 Sunday Ace-Café Rumst Belgium Reet
25/06/2018 Monday day off
26/06/2018 Tuesday De Floeren Aap Belgium Mechelen
27/06/2018 Wednesday The Shakespeare Germany Herdecke
28/06/2018 Thursday Moonshine Tattoo Parlour Belgium Herentals
29/06/2018 Friday Café Rocks The Netherlands Enschede
30/06/2018 Saturday Pirate Farm Fest Belgium Tielt-Winge
1/07/2018 Sunday Cafe Nefast Belgium Bree
2/07/2018 Monday day off
3/07/2018 Tuesday l’Elastic Bar France Strasbourg
4/07/2018 Wednesday Ut Babbelaèrtje The Netherlands Middelburg
5/07/2018 Thursday Muziekcafé De Giraf Belgium Zwalm
6/07/2018 Friday Rockcafé De Engel The Netherlands Den Helder
7/07/2018 Saturday Taverne The Netherlands Bergen
8/07/2018 Sunday De Ouwehoer The Netherlands Rotterdam



There’s a playlist of vids here:

Live at Muddy Roots Tennessee 2015:

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