Alternative Country – Dark Western with a postrock/ambient vibe
Available for Europe

Tourdates 2022

04/06/2022 Saturday Muziekcentrum Dranouter Belgium Dranouter
12/06/2022 Sunday Deux Ours Belgium Modave (Mirco Solo)
17/06/2022 Friday Fêtes de la Musique Belgium Durbuy
18/06/2022 Saturday Fêtes de la Musique Belgium Marchin 
21/07/2022 Thursday Roots In Het Park Belgium Aarschot 
22/07/2022 Friday Rocks on the Water Belgium Liège
23/07/2022 Saturday Péniche Légia Belgium Liège (support for The Bridge City Sinners)
30/07/2022 Saturday MISERY CO. ANNIVERSARY #2 Belgium Harzé
11/09/2022 Sunday Late Summer Roots Belgium Aarschot
23/09/2022 Friday L'An Vert Belgium Liège
30/09/2022 Friday BUSKERfestival GC De Wildeman Belgium Herent (Mirco solo)
02/10/2022 Sunday TRIX Belgium Antwerp (Mirco solo, support for Munly & The Lupercalians)
29/10/2022 Saturday Passage 9 Belgium Waremme + movie The Road of A Lamb postponed
16/12/2022 Friday Foyer Culturel de Sprimont Belgium Sprimont
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When one’s asks : « do you think the spirit of Monument Valley or Red Rocks Park could become so flat and dull arriving in the city of Liège – Belgium ?…»
Everyone is Guilty’ ’s answer is definitely : « NO ! »
Mirco knows it and the red Colorado sun and stones warms and feed the blood running through his veins.
‘Everyone is Guilty’ is Mirco Gasparrini (also member of Blue Velvet, Bandits, Monster), Jérôme Mardaga, Charles Perrin Eric François and Pierre Mulder.
In each of his adventures, Mirco dives as deep as possible and ‘Everyone is Guilty’ is his road trip through the mystic alternative country music of the Denver sound, the dry Appalachians’ folk songs or the haunted blues of the Gun Club.
Walking up and down ‘Everyone is Guilty’ ‘s music and lyrics, you’ll find out Mirco as a skillful songwriter travelling all over another world, taking with him habits and customs to overcome his inner fears and obsessions and finally reach the light!
Everyone is Guilty left to Denver, in the Colorado, to record “A Wolf & A Lamb” under the attentive ear of Slim Cessna and Dwight Pentacost, two members of the band “Slim Cessna’s Auto Club”, founders of the Denver Sound.
During this adventure, the filmmaker Caroline Poisson has filmed a documentary “The Road of A Lamb”.


Fire Horse
When The Moon Goes Down
Peter’s Sermon

Bandcamp: full album – A Road & A Lamb

Bandcamp: LockTown session (solo)

LockTown sessions – solo video recorded in times of COVID-19 lockdown

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