Dylan Walshe (IRL, Muddy Roots Records)
European tour April 2017


From Stompin’ Blues To Celtic Ballads & All That Folks Between. Acoustic One Man Harmonica Blowin’ Soul.
Dylan Walshe is on the rise, an Irish alternative roots artist from the county of Dublin, whose varied palette draws from; traditional Irish and European folk, to North African and Americanised blues, but his sound is his own. He is known for his robust guitar playing and warm unique vocal style, where songwriting is his craft and his lyrics are both insightful and poetic.
After many years of gigging, Dylan has recently began to record. In July 2012, Dylan suffered a near fatal accident & 2013 saw his return to live performances, performances which went from local to international. He has since toured extensively & has played alongside some of the most internationally established roots related artist.
With a debut live record released in Sept 2015 on Muddy Roots Records of Nashville, where Dylan currently resides, a debut studio record is also planned for 2016. Dylan’s songs are now being recorded for international release by other artists too.
Never one to be easily tagged with generic genres, Dylan has been billed for shows representing a variety of areas in music such as Folk, Singer Songwriter, Country, Blues, One Man Band, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Celtic & A cappella to name just a few…


5/04/2017 Wednesday Heilige Cornelius The Netherlands Roermond
6/04/2017 Thursday Kaffee ‘t Hof The Netherlands Middelburg
7/04/2017 Friday Extra Blues Bar Germany Bielefeld
8/04/2017 Saturday Broken necks Belgium Arlon
9/04/2017 Sunday Swane Cafe Germany Wuppertal
10/04/2017 Monday In-house concerts Germany Berlin
11/04/2017 Tuesday Music Star Germany Norderstedt
12/04/2017 Wednesday Pub “Tom Bombadil” Germany Solingen
13/04/2017 Thursday Hausbar 13 Germany Tuebingen
14/04/2017 Friday The Harp Germany Hannover – Linden
15/04/2017 Saturday Rebels Club Irish Pub Germany Bremen
16/04/2017 Sunday Café Pastis Belgium Geel
17/04/2017 Monday Lukas Bar Switzerland Sankt-Gallen
18/04/2017 Tuesday Gotthard Bar Switzerland Zurich
19/04/2017 Wednesday Rumpeltum Switzerland Sankt-Gallen
20/04/2017 Thursday Anziehbar Austria Dornbirn
21/04/2017 Friday No6 Butcher Street Pub Switzerland Aarau
22/04/2017 Saturday Soul Hell Cafe Germany Essen
23/04/2017 Sunday Textival Belgium Kortrijk
24/04/2017 Monday De Loods Belgium Aarschot
25/04/2017 Tuesday Missy Sippy Belgium Gent
26/04/2017 Wednesday Paddy O’Ryan The Netherlands Leeuwarden
27/04/2017 Thursday Cafe Heuvelzicht Belgium Essen
28/04/2017 Friday Cowboy Up Belgium Waardamme
29/04/2017 Saturday Mr Swinkels Buitenlust The Netherlands Landhorst
30/04/2017 Sunday Lou’s Bar Belgium Luik


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