Clint Westwood Band(usa)
European tour October 2017

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Clint Westwood is a veteran performer, songwriter and recording artist best known for his role as the booze soaked bass smashing, banjo bashing co-front man of the pirate gypsy ska band Whiskey Avengers. With a few solo records under his belt he is now unleashing his self branded ‘Cult Country’ style onto barflies, hussies, hipsters and rug-cutters around the world. It’s a hodgepodge of authentic American roots music with a southwestern edge littered with literary lyrical prose that will leave you stomping, swashbuckling, and laughing maniacally while punching holes in the wall. Clint Westwood is what happens when punk rock grows a beard and grabs a banjo but doesn’t grow up. Many musical projects have taken him across the ponds to Europe and Japan as well as many journeys around the United States. He’s seen some shit and is not afraid to tell it like it is, and it isn’t looking good, so might was well have a good time and sing along with your new favorite April Fool.
Welcome to Cult Country.

6/10/2017 Friday The Cover Belgium Gent
7/10/2017 Saturday Rockcafé De Engel The Netherlands Den Helder
8/10/2017 Sunday Raststätte Germany Aachen
9/10/2017 Monday Tequila Tattoos Belgium Hulshout
10/10/2017 Tuesday Gasthuisschuur Belgium Aarschot
11/10/2017 Wednesday Lukas Bar Switzerland Sankt-Gallen
12/10/2017 Thursday Anziehbar Austria Dornbirn
13/10/2017 Friday Rumpeltum Switzerland Sankt-Gallen
14/10/2017 Saturday Ir-Real Germany Aulendorf
15/10/2017 Sunday L’elastic Bar France Strasbourg
16/10/2017 Monday Marina Bar Switzerland Basel
17/10/2017 Tuesday Birrificio lambrate Italy Lambrate
18/10/2017 Wednesday Gotthard Bar Switzerland Zurich
19/10/2017 Thursday Spitalgasse Germany Viechtach
20/10/2017 Friday Strümpfe Germany Mannheim
21/10/2017 Saturday Harley Davidson Club Denmark Herlev
22/10/2017 Sunday Woodstock Denmark Christiania
23/10/2017 Monday Music Star Germany Norderstedt
24/10/2017 Tuesday Die Blaue Stunde Germany Berlin
25/10/2017 Wednesday K25 Kulturschlachthof Germany Düsseldorf
26/10/2017 Thursday Tsjaplin Belgium Deurne
27/10/2017 Friday Toogenblik Belgium Haren
28/10/2017 Saturday Ziggys Belgium Kortrijk
29/10/2017 Sunday Sunday Roots 3 The Netherlands Meppel


•2016 Clint Westwood Band – ‘Cult Country’
•2016 Whiskey Avengers – ‘Pistiando’
•2015 Clint Westwood/Ando Ehlers -‘Nightpain’
•2015 Clint Westwood -‘Bukowski’
•2015 Whiskey Avengers -‘Ro-Bit’
•2014 Trashkannon -‘Now thats what I call poop #45’
•2014 Gooney Tunes -‘The Gooney Tunes’ (Kids Book soundtrack)
•2014 Mad Drama – ‘Soundtrack to your Death’
•2013 Clint Westwood -‘Couch Classics’ (Solo Album)
•2013 David Hillyard -‘California’ (Bass)
•2013 Trashkannon -‘Eat Pu$$y’ (Vocals, Songwriting, Guitar)
•2013 Language Arts Crew -‘Brand New Old Shit Vol 2’ (Vocals, Production)
•2012 Clint Westwood – ‘April Fool’ (Solo Album)
•2012 Trashkannon – ‘Crappy Days’ (Vocals, Songwriting)
•2012 Whiskey Avengers – ‘Ballads in the Key of Dub’ (Bass, Vocals)
•2012 Language Arts Crew – “Brand New Old Shit Vol. 1” (Vocals, Production)
•2011 Whiskey Avengers – ‘Dead Man Rockin’ (Vocals, Bass, Banjo)
•2010 Language Arts Crew – ‘Love Stories from Gondor’ (Vocals, Production)
•2010 Trashkannon – ‘Shit For Brains’ (Vocals, Guitar, Bass)
•2010 Insolence – ‘Projekt Conflikt’ (Bass)
•2010 Crosstops – ‘Ego That ate the World’ (Bass, Vocals)
•2009 Whiskey Avengers – ‘Wet and Wreckless’ (Vocals, Bass, Banjo)
•2009 Language Arts Crew – ‘Z Sides and Scraps’ (Vocals, Production)
•2008 Whiskey Avengers – ‘XXXmas’ (Vocals, Bass, Banjo, Guitar, Accordion)
•2008 Language Arts Crew – ‘I Shot the Shepherd’ (Vocals, Production)
•2007 Insolence – ‘Audio War’ (Bass)
•2006 Whiskey Avengers – ‘Round 1’ (Vocals, Bass, Banjo)
•2004 Language Arts Crew – ‘Applied Knowlege’ (Vocals, Production)
•2002 Crosstops ‘Truck and Disorderly’ (Bass, Vocals)
•1999 Mad Drama – ‘Selt Titled’ (Vocals, Bass)

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