European bookings 2022/2023

European trio tour. June & July 2022

Somethingski: the banjo, drums, cavaquinho, vocals

Martyna Bachowska: the bass

Magda Slosarz: the fiddle

Tourdates 2022:

26/06/2022 Sunday - Muddy Roots Europe - Belgium - Waardamme
27/06/2022 Monday - BUSKER Day @ Pallieter - Belgium - Herselt
28/06/2022 Tuesday - Jake's Place - Belgium - Westerlo
29/06/2022 Wednesday - Clouso - The Netherlands - Meppel
30/06/2022 Thursday - The Irrational Library presents @ Patronaat - The Netherlands - Haarlem
01/07/2022 Friday - De Kaaij - The Netherlands - Nijmegen
02/07/2022 Saturday - Stadsherberg Helsdeur - The Netherlands - Den Helder
03/07/2022 Sunday - MEZZ - The Netherlands - Breda 

14/07/2022 Thursday The Skiff The Netherlands Hilversum
15/07/2022 Friday Stamineeke - Belgium - Webbekom
16/07/2022 Saturday La Bonne Idée - Belgium - Sugny
17/07/2022 Sunday Mange et tais-toi! - Belgium - Habay La Vielle
18/07/2022 Monday privéfeest
19/07/2022 Tuesday available
20/07/2022 Wednesday Café Het Oor - Belgium - Olen
21/07/2022 Thursday - Roots In Het Park - Belgium - Aarschot

SOMETHINGSKI – solo project of singer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist Niko Soszynski.
Originaly from Poland, he’s making music and performing with Freeborn Brothers. Hundreds of shows and milions of miles and on top of that pandemic break from touring life induced him to write his own solo material, record and release it on very first solo album called THINGS.

The album was released at the beginning of March 2021, It includes ten songs from polish folk, ballads, reggae, dancing hits to rhythmic folk with a hint of punk.

Niko Soszyński – although he says about himself that he is mainly a drummer but this album shows versatility, talent and great love for music and the world. It is the world that has been his greatest muse for years, and the experiences and memories gathered over the years allow him to constantly create.

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