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24/03/2022 Thursday - Playoffs Sports Bar - Belgium - Aarschot

It’s 2015. Maurice van Hoek (Born 25th of January, 1992) is a talented student at the conservatory music school in Rotterdam, but with an ever-searching musical compass. He flees his studies and residence to travel the United States for 3 months. In these travels he lets go of everything. He explores the areas where icons like The Eagles and James Taylor grew up, but more so where country folk was born. He finds himself attracted to the genre more than ever. The power of expressiveness touches Van Hoek in the heart. “Three chords and the truth, that is what it’s all about. Everything needed to serve a song”.

Van Hoek returns to Holland feeling relieved, with a vision and ambition to do what he loves most; write songs. Songs about his travels overseas. And about his emotions in the matter. He has found his place in the world and continues his studies while working on those songs. He creates a band and that year they record the album ‘Live Forevermore’, which was released in May 2016. That same year he graduates with honors and also receives a lot of great grades from the Dutch music press.

Van Hoek feels the need to get these songs to a stage. He plays wherever he can and in a short amount of time, him and his band grow to a tight unity. He writes a lot of new songs and once again visits the studio to put the fresh compositions onto recordings. The result is the second album ‘Traveling Man’ that was released in September 2018. The record shows the last 2 years of his life and describes everything that happened. But the quality of this record shows a crystal clear course; a straight line to the top. With beautiful reviews, a big release tour, a bunch of in stores and media performances at Radio 2 (Tros Muziekcafé) and VI (Veronica’s soccer show, with an invitation from Danny Vera), the traveling man is continuously on the road to achieve those dreams.

“One of the Best Country Rock Albums from The Netherlands” – Heaven Magazine

“Traveling Man deserves to be heard far and wide”

Reason to get home
Traveling man
Oh my sweet Carolina – cover Ryan Adams

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