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European tour 2022
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Tour dates 2022
03/09/2022 Wednesday Q Germany Marburg
16/09/2022 Friday Bruuchbar Switzerland Jegensdorf
17/09/2022 Saturday Bluegrass I De Mueli Switzerland Urnäsch AR

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Jim Bows & The Flycatchers play original acoustic music that evokes the feeling of living in the mountains and a rural lifestyle in their native Switzerland.  Influenced by American bluegrass, folk and country music traditions and seminal artists such as Doc Watson, Tony Rice and Jim Croce.

This is a family band (Jim and two of his sons Bensch and Josh) who are all are multi-instrumentalists changing effortlessly between, guitar, dobro, mandolin and bass. Watch their fingers fly as they play & sing their own brand of toe tapping, feel good music.

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Live Show filmed for Radio Rabe, Swizterland 2021  
"Ballad Of A Broken Man" - live in Germany 2021
"You’re The One For Me" 
“It’s Not About The Money”  
“Circle Of Lies”

2009 : Too Many Flies (the original inspiration of the band)
EP “Latin Lockdown
2020 : Cuando Terminara / Donde Fue la Gente / Mira a la Chica Bonita
2018 : Mother Knows Best / Mary Likes This One / The Back Porch Song / The Ragged river/
Walking On A Fine Line / Moonshine Whiskey / Feeling Good Today / Jingle Bells

2019 : The Girl In The Glen / Old & Wise / The Open Road / Delta Prison Blues /
Playground / Journey Of Life / Waves / Unrequited Love / The Pirate Life

2020 : We Don’t Need Them No More / Uncle Joes Dog / House Of Mine / Still At Home /
The Mandolinist / Don’t Follow The Monkey / Bonnie By My Side / Someone Try To Explain /
One More Beer / Get Off Your Butt And Vote / You Don’t Want To Know / The Reindeer Trot

2021 : Give Me A Bible / Crazy World / You’re The One For Me / Ballad Of A Broken Man /
Gonna Build A Fire / Waiting On The Promised Land / It’s Not About The Money /
Safe And Sound / Bumper Sticker / Deck The Halls

2022 : Circle Of Lies / 40 Acres And A Mule / Feeling Good Tonight

Quotes from real people on Facebook

“Outstanding music, well performed!!” Ed Gabel USA

“Absolutely beautiful music and great quality video” James Diamond Allen (USA)

“This is freaking incredible! Love everything about it” John Whitehouse (Canada)

“You guys sound great! This tune just made my work day better!” Lightning Man (USA)

“Brother that’s some mighty good flat picking best I’ve heard in years” Ben Levine (USA)

“You guys are awesome, always looking forward to your music” Bill Older (USA)

“Aw man that’s ace! I love that resonator. Cool slide playing dude!” Dean Allison (UK)

“Absolutely love this, so inspiring” Marie Finley (USA)

“Great! this song makes people feel good” Yvonne Fuchs (Switzerland)

“geweldig wat een lekkere muziek hou ik van” Marcel Leek (Holland)

“I absolutely LOVE you guys!!!!” Akina McKenzie (Switzerland)

“I love it!! Come to Holland!!” Martijn Gerritsen (Holland)

“Love everything they do!” Charles Stayer (USA)

“Absolutely Great. I Love It!” Hubert Jurgeleit (Germany)

“Great Stuff. Picking is brilliant.” Anthony Grimwood (USA)

“Irish influence, magnifique!” Eero Matta (Sweden)

“LOVED IT !!!!!! I almost got out of bed to dance, GREAT TUNE!!” LuAnn Humhries (USA)

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