James Hunnicutt/Philip Bradatsch

European SPRING tour  May 10 – June 24, 2017

European LIVE album release TOUR

10/05/2018 Thursday Anziehbar Austria Dornbirn
11/05/2018 Friday Rumpeltum Switzerland Sankt-Gallen
12/05/2018 Saturday Westtor Germany Murnau
14/05/2018 Monday Urgence Disk Records Switzerland Geneva
16/05/2018 Wednesday Gotthard Switzerland Zurich
17/05/2018 Thursday Marina Bar Switzerland Basel
18/05/2018 Friday Rümpeltum Switzerland Sankt Gallen
19/05/2018 Saturday Bluegrass fest Switzerland Willisaul
20/05/2018 Sunday Strümpfe Germany Mannheim
23/05/2018 Wednesday Pedro’s Club Finland Tampere
24/05/2018 Thursday Punainen Talo Finland Rihimaki
25/05/2018 Friday Tirra Finland Lahti
26/05/2018 Saturday Ravintola Päämaja Finland Mikkeli
27/05/2018 Sunday house concert Finland
1/06/2018 Friday Sweden Gustavsberg
2/06/2018 Saturday Sweden Stockholm
6/06/2018 Wednesday Proeflokaal ‘t Kantoor The Netherlands Groningen
7/06/2018 Thursday De Engel The Netherlands Den Helder
8/06/2018 Friday The Cover Belgium Gent
10/06/2018 Sunday Clouso The Netherlands Meppel
12/06/2018 Tuesday Melkbus The Netherlands Dordrecht
13/06/2018 Sunday Feinstaub Germany Frankfurt
14/06/2018 Thursday De Floeren Aap Belgium Mechelen
15/06/2018 Friday Bröken Fest Germany
16/06/2018 Saturday Cowboy Up Belgium Waardamme
17/06/2018 Sunday Lou’s Bar Belgium Luik
20/06/2018 Wednesday Private show Germany Wuppertal
21/06/2018 Thursday Spatz&Wal Germany Unna
23/06/2018 Saturday Muddy Roots Europe Belgium Waardamme
24/06/2018 Sunday Luddy Roots Europe Belgium Waardamme

James Hunnicutt (us)

I am a singer/songwriter/musician from Washington State, USA
I believe that the most powerful & universal languages in humanity are love & music…
Music from my heart to yours to remind us that we are always loved & never alone… I do what I love to make this world a better place & you can too! 🙂
I perform as a solo artist primarily & have also been a member of, sat in with & or recorded with many other bands & artists over the years. Some of these are- Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band, The Swinos, James Hunnicutt and The Revolvers, Wayne Hancock, Freeborn Brothers, Misery Seed, Hillbilly Casino, Joe Buck Yourself, Graham Lindsey, The Goddamn Gallows and a lot more…..

Philip Bradatsch (ger)

Philip Bradatsch, Folk Singer.
With an undeviating sense of the suspense which comes out of raw, plain songs  with symbolic language Philip Bradatsch sings about life how it is: Dreadful, pretty, sad, enchanting.
Quiet moments can become loud at times just as minor thoughts can become monsters. The voice of the singer of The Dinosaur Truckers takes the listener away, diving deep into the melancholy of Folk Music and back into the here and now. Dark, vulnerable, angry – and tender.

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