James Hunnicutt/Philip Bradatsch

European SUMMER tour June/July 2019

Tourdates Summer 2019. TBA = available!
25/06/2019 Tuesday Het HUS Belgium Begijnendijk
26/06/2019 Wednesday De Kaaij The Netherlands Nijmegen
27/06/2019 Thursday De Floeren Aap Belgium Mechelen
28/06/2019 Friday Muddy Roots Europe Belgium Waardamme
29/06/2019 Saturday Muddy Roots Europe Belgium Waardamme
30/06/2019 Sunday Muddy Roots Europe Belgium Waardamme
1/07/2019 Monday Pallieter Belgium Herselt
2/07/2019 Tuesday TBA
3/07/2019 Wednesday De Melkbus The Netherlands Dordrecht
4/07/2019 Thursday Feinstaub Germany Frankfurt
5/07/2019 Friday TBA
6/07/2019 Saturday TBA Germany Bavaria
7/07/2019 Sunday Rumpeltum Switzerland Sankt-Gallen
8/07/2019 Monday TBA
9/07/2019 Tuesday Quarterdeck Switzerland Basel
10/07/2019 Wednesday Strümpfe Germany Mannheim
11/07/2019 Thursday Wild Rover Germany Aachen
12/07/2019 Friday Rockcafé De Engel The Netherlands Den Helder
13/07/2019 Saturday Bloody Roots The Netherlands Groningen
14/07/2019 Sunday Sunday Roots The Netherlands Meppel
15/07/2019 Monday TBA
16/07/2019 Tuesday TBA
17/07/2019 Wednesday TBA

James Hunnicutt & Philip Bradatsch

tourposter james & philip EU 2019.jpgWhen these two sing together, the atmosphere in the room changes. Everything else will become silent. And for two hours, the world will become less of a troubled place to live in.

James Hunnicutt (US) is a singer, songwriter, musician, writer & practitioner of mindfulness, P.M.A. & love. He is a legend of the alternative roots music scene and has just released his newest album “Last Fallen Leaf”.

Philip Bradatsch (DE) has released his second solo album “Ghost On A String” in April 2018 on the renowned German independent label Trikont to rave reviews in the press.

These two can fill up any venue just with a voice and a guitar on their own. Together though, pure magic is about to unfold. Don’t miss them!

James Hunnicutt (us)

Philip Bradatsch (ger)

Bookings are open NOW!