Captivatingly earnest, hard driving bluegrass from Portland, Oregon.
European tour Spring 2023: May 5 – June 25

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Tour dates Europe 2023: non-listed dates are available for bookings

05/05/2023 Friday - Bevrijdingsfestival - The Netherlands - Vlissingen
06/05/2023 Saturday - Bühl Bluegrass Festival - Germany - Bühl
10/05/2023 Wednesday - Bluegrass in die Mühli - Switzerland - Urnäsch
11/05/2023 Thursday - Rümpeltum - Switzerland - Sankt-Gallen	
13/05/2023 Saturday - Alte Schlosserei - Germany - Wuppertal
14/05/2023 Sunday - Brandherd goes Muschel - Germany - Mannheim
17/05/2023 Wednesday - Klub Witzenhausen - Germany - Witzenhausen
18/05/2023 Thursday - Buchholz Saloon	Germany	Altlandsberg
19/05/2023 Friday - Scooters - The Netherlands - Leeuwarden
20/05/2023 Saturday - Speelplaats - The Netherlands - Baars
21/05/2023 Sunday - Merodefestival - Belgium - Merode
22/05/2023 Monday - t Groot Verzet - Belgium - Lint
23/05/2023 Tuesday - De Melkbus - The Netherlands - Dordrecht
25/05/2023 Thursday - Playoffs Sports Bar - Belgium - Aarschot
26/05/2023 Friday - Cactus - The Netherlands - Hengelo
27/05/2023 Saturday - Grevengrass - Germany - Greven
28/05/2023 Sunday - Grevengrass - Germany - Greven	
01/06/2023 Thursday - Caba Schlossgarten - Germany - Aulendorf
02/06/2023 Friday - Anlagencafé - Germany - Schwäbisch Hall
03/06/2023 Saturday - Altes Spital or Open Air - Germany - Viechtach
07/06/2023 Wednesday - Live Stage Marnix - The Netherlands - Bennekom
09/06/2023 Friday - Westport Bluegrass Festival - Ireland - Westport
10/06/2023 Saturday - Westport Bluegrass Festival - Ireland - Westport	
11/06/2023 Sunday - Westport Bluegrass Festival - Ireland - Westport
12/06/2023 Monday - TBA - Ireland	
13/06/2023 Tuesday - TBA - Ireland	
14/06/2023 Wednesday - TBA - Ireland	
15/06/2023 Thursday - TBA - Ireland	
17/06/2023 Saturday - Kids'n'Billies - The Netherlands - Nijmegen
18/06/2023 Sunday - L'Ancienne Fée Verte - Belgium - Arlien
21/06/2023 Wednesday - Barzoen - Belgium - Turnhout
22/06/2023 Thursday - Pallieter - Belgium - Herselt
23/06/2023 Friday - Suzy's Little BBQ shack - Germany - Frankfurt
24/06/2023 Saturday - Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival - The Netherlands - Rotterdam
25/06/2023 Sunday - Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival - The Netherlands - Rotterdam

Tourdates: will be announced soon

With captivating tunes to catch the ear and coordinated outfits to catch the eye, Fog Holler is a fast-growing sensation in the world of bluegrass and acoustic music. Discovered playing on the streets by Grammy award-winning artist Laurie Lewis, Fog Holler’s innovative sound and punk rock spirit has quickly enthralled audiences across the world. Pairing raw, honest poetry with keening brother duo harmonies reminiscent of the Stanley Brothers and the Blue Sky Boys, the group’s original music is at once a poignant, self-reflective reaction to modernity and a vibrant celebration of American roots music.

Since their formation in 2018, Fog Holler has gone from busking amidst the mad rush of Union Square to crooning in quaint farmers markets to playing alongside Grammy winners and bluegrass legends. In June 2022 Fog Holler released their 4th album and first studio recording, eponymously titled “Fog Holler”. Their new record explores themes like mental health, nostalgia, the changing climate, and gender expression. Now based out of Portland, Oregon, they’ve toured in the U.S, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland, and have shared stages with acts like Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands, Jerry Douglas & The Earls of Leicester, The Po’ Ramblin Boys, The Kathy Kallick Band, The Watkins Family Hour, and The Del McCoury Band.

- Casey James Holmberg: banjo & vocals
- Tommy Schulz: guitar & vocals
- Noa: bass fiddle
- James Rossi: fiddle

“I love Fog Holler. They aren’t afraid to tear it up bluegrass style, or make their own kind of old time music with clawhammer banjo and bowed bass. The next generation of the many shades of grass is here and I hope you give them a good listen! You’ll love it.” – Cathy Fink, GRAMMY Award Winner

“The electrifying banjo-and-guitar-fueled Americana band named Fog Holler, aided by first-rate fiddling and stand-up bass mastery, deliver high-energy folk, country and bluegrass tunes with enough enthusiasm and foot-tapping fun to power a moonshine still and keep a barn-raising party entertained until the sun comes up.” – Petaluma Argus-Courier

“Fog Holler has created a wonderful EP of original Bay Area acoustic music. The five originals, including two instrumentals, allow each member to shine but still retain a sound that is uniquely their own. They strike a nice balance between bluegrass, ragtime and folk and use the somewhat unusual trio of bass, guitar and banjo to their advantage. “The Poison Voice” and “Under the Light of the Moon” are particularly strong as a hard driving bluegrass tune and a lovely instrumental waltz that features beautiful bowed bass.” -Jacob Groopman, Front Country

Review Rootstown Busking Team (21-01-2020) by Rootsville

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