European tour December 2 – 12, 2018

3/12/2018 Monday Stamineeke Belgium Webbekom
4/12/2018 Tuesday Durango Sessions Belgium Beringen
5/12/2018 Wednesday available
6/12/2018 Thursday Pallieter cafe Belgium Herselt
7/12/2018 Friday ARTic Monkey Belgium Antwerpen
8/12/2018 Saturday ARTic Monkey Belgium Antwerpen
9/12/2018 Sunday Folkstal Belgium Westerlo
10/12/2018 Monday available
11/12/2018 Tuesday Café De Oude Tijd Belgium Aarschot
12/12/2018 Wednesday Exit Inside Belgium Lochristi


F.W.Smolls has been drumming in over 20 years. He learned by listening and playing to everything that caught his attention. His biggest influence was his teacher Mr. Jerry Granelli, drummer with The Grateful Dead, Charlie Haiden and Ornette Coleman. Matthias had the great fortune to study under him at the University of Art in Berlin from 2001-2005. Moving to Copenhagen/Denmark in 2006 he became the drummer of Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co.
 He has since gone on to play with several other groups also creating his own solo project “F.W.Smolls”.
 He has been described like this…
 “One of the bright lights on the music scene appears to be a multiple-personality expression of the artist formerly known as Matthias Arbo Klein. Maybe you’ve seen and heard Colonel Taz behind his drum kit, decked out in a tight black retro-suit, laying down some wicked tom-tom boogie rhythms behind the awesome soap-box musical theatre act known as Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co… Or maybe you’ve wondered, “Who is this F.W. Smolls, anyway, that bearded wildman in skinny jeans, stepping into the spotlight on stage at Mojo Blues Bar, telling stories of unrequited love and lust, and singing the lament that lingers at the heart of Monday night?” … “Whatever the case, and whichever of these personalities you may or may not have witnessed, you will notice that this man takes a special joy in entertaining with his prolific songwriting, unpredictable and innovative reinterpretations of the songs he covers, and with a stage presence that conjures up an image of a reincarnated vaudevillian.”


Smolls singing in Hodja

Smolls singing in Hell and the Hummingbird

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