Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy

Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy.
European tour Summer 2019

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CARRIE NATION & THE SPEAKEASY is a high-energy “Brass ‘n’ Grass” quintet from Wichita, KS. The band, whose sound has been described as “…a stagecoach in overdrive”, has brought their eclectic blend of bluegrass, ska, punk, and dixieland to packed clubs, basements, and festivals across the US since their inception in the spring of 2007.

CNS has built a solid following playing 49 states and 8 countries with their energetic live show and ability to fit on the bill with acts ranging from bluegrass to rockabilly; punk to ska.  Thoughtful songwriting is delivered through unique arrangements and eclectic instrumentation. Throaty vocals charge over percussive guitar rhythms. Breakneck mandolin solos melt into blaring trombone and trumpet lines, while the standup bass and feed-bucket-trap-set churn out driving rhythms that carry the force of a Kansas freight train.

The band’s DIY mentality is shown through their self-recorded albums, self-published music, self-booked tours, and a community of local and regional visual artists that illustrate the band’s distinctly grassroots approach. CNS has been pounding the highways and byways of this great country (and others) for over a decade now, bringing their songs and stories to thousands. Always providing a high energy, drink’em down atmosphere to any place they play, CNS has proven a dedication to their live shows with a solid understanding of what entertainment really means.


All Men Created Equal [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Tourdates Europe
14/06/2019 Friday Bröken fest Germany Hohenlockstedt
15/06/2019 Saturday Alberts Huus Germany Bremerhaven
16/06/2019 Sunday Buchholz saloon Germany Altlandsberg
17/06/2019 Monday Kulturcafe Germany Mainz
18/06/2019 Tuesday The Wild Rover Germany Aachen
19/06/2019 Wednesday Blues-Sphere Belgium Liège
20/06/2019 Thursday Jake’s Place Belgium Westerlo
21/06/2019 Friday + Rotterdam Bluegrass The Netherlands Rotterdam
+Picking Bones Belgium Linter
22/06/2019 Saturday Kids’n’Billies The Netherlands Nijmegen
23/06/2019 Sunday Lola The Netherlands Groningen
24/06/2019 Monday: available
25/06/2019 Tuesday Tortuga Germany Unna
26/06/2019 Wednesday Hausbar 13 Germany Tübingen
27/06/2019 Thursday Folks Germany Munich
28/06/2019 Friday Freak Show Germany Essen
29/06/2019 Saturday afternoon: The Skiff The Netherlands Hilversum
evening: Feest In Den Hof (private party) Belgium Loenhout
30/06/2019 Sunday Lokaal 42 The Netherlands Helmond
1/07/2019 Monday: available
2/07/2019 Tuesday Lygtens Kro Denmark Kopenhagen
3/07/2019 Wednesday Tyrolen i Blädinge Sweden Alvesta
4/07/2019 Thursday Lasse I Parken Sweden Stockholm
5/07/2019 Friday Carlas Cafe Sweden Degerhamn
6/07/2019 Saturday The Garage Sweden Hoganas
7/07/2019 Sunday Emma’s Laden Sweden Eksjo
8/07/2019 Monday: available
9/07/2019 Tuesday: available
10/07/2019 Wednesday Substanz Germany Leipzig
11/07/2019 Thursday Altes Spital Germany Viechtach
12/07/2019 Friday Alter Germany Mannheim
13/07/2019 Saturday mySkylounge / 13th floor Kulturetage Germany Kempten
14/07/2019 Sunday Picknick In Park Germany Aulendorf
15/07/2019 Monday Rumpeltum Switzerland Sankt-Gallen
16/07/2019 Tuesday Quarterdeck Switzerland Basel
17/07/2019 Wednesday Q Germany Marburg
18/07/2019 Thursday Muziekcafe Clouso The Netherlands Meppel
19/07/2019 Friday DB’s The Netherlands Utrecht
20/07/2019 Saturday Café Max The Netherlands Stavoren
21/07/2019 Sunday Roots In Het Park Belgium Aarschot
22/07/2019 Monday Pallieter Café Belgium Herselt
23/07/2019 Tuesday: available
24/07/2019 Wednesday Heuvelzicht Belgium Essen
25/07/2019 Thursday Exit Inside Belgium Lokeren
26/07/2019 Friday Alte Schlosserei Germany Wuppertal
27/07/2019 Saturday Mout Bierfestival The Netherlands Enschede
+ Taveerne Tivoli The Netherlands Raalte
28/07/2019 Sunday Misterioso at Gentse Feesten Belgium Gent
29/07/2019 Monday

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