Philip Bradatsch, Folk Singer.
February/March 2023

Tourdates February/March 2023 (solo tour):

There’s a 1000 ways to be on the road. You can, if desired, play the same 10 old clubs over and over again. You can also do like Philip Bradatsch does:

Playing more than a hundred times each year. Rancid basement venues, hip indie clubs, festivals big and small, pubs by the dozen, smoky bars on dodgy corners – he’s seen it all. Counting the bills each month for rent, food, smokes and gasoline, for ten years now. His mother a nurse, his father a locksmith – he should have known better. But he hasn’t.

Now his new record Ghost On A String is out on Trikont, and how lucky we are that he’s never given up on the life of a travelling troubadour – there’s too many a good story in there. Stories of radiators to warm our hearts and souls. Of outsiders, the ones that got left behind, of the future that could still turn out to be good, no matter what. Of stars exploding, of love, of the absurdity of things. Of the ghost on the strings of the puppeteer, of complete resignation und total freedom.

Philip Bradatsch’s voice is rebellious, calm, soothing and dreamily at the same time – and it makes you think he knows more. And maybe he does. And if not, he’ll at least make us believe, that this world hasn’t completely lost it’s romance and depth.
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